Suncool tensioned membrane structures provides one-off architecturally designed structures to suit specific client requirements or alternatively our range of standard designs that are cost effective and durable.

In daylight, tensioned membrane structures provide soft, diffused interior translucency, yet appear to be opaque when viewed from the exterior.

At night, artificial interior lighting creates an exterior luminescence, resulting in a highly recognizable signature structure on the landscape. This translucency is not affected over time and because sunlight keeps the membrane bleached, discoloration is not a problem.

These permanent installations supported by our experienced craftsmanship and in house installation team will provide our clients value for money. We are always there to design and meet client�s budget if applicable.

Our membrane fabrics can be fabricated in PVDF, UV stabilized PVC, UV stabilized PP, PTFE coated fabrics with gloss lacquer, natural, UV retardant and fire retardant.

Architects who have worked with Suncool realize that given its extensive life cycle, structural integrity and durability, tensioned membrane can also be  reasonably priced method for obtaining incomparable results on smaller projects as well.

Our membrane structures allow design freedom not possible with other building materials, shapes which cannot be achieved any other way, become possible.

Our clients include Malaysian Government, State Councils, State Governments, Foreign Embassies, Public Listed Companies, Private companies, VIP residences, etc�